SCHOOL CLOSED(until further notice): A Message from Korean School of New Jersey's President

2020-03-20 16:14:50

Dear Parents,

As we approach Spring, it seems as though our lives have completely changed and simple daily tasks have become more difficult to accomplish. Students have been unable to go to school and meeting people has become difficult due to the virus. All schools in Bergen County were closed and the Korean School of New Jersey has followed suit. At first, we hoped that we would be taking a week or two off; however, it seems that this may last much longer and we are currently unsure exactly how long this will last.

Our students have been studying Korean very hard, but I know without continued practice it is easy to forget a lot of what we have learned so far. To prevent this, teachers have started to create and send online lessons through videos for our introductory classes (Grades 1-3). Starting from the fourth grade and above, we use speech and communication a lot more in class so we have started using real-time/live video sessions utilizing Zoom. All homework, assignments, PowerPoint slides, and videos will be posted in Google Classrooms that we have created for each class. This was difficult to coordinate and execute in a short amount of time but we did our best and will continue to strive to improve our online classes during these times. I understand there will be hiccups and speed bumps so please be patient with us as we try and create a similar learning experience to what we had in our classrooms.

In terms of reopening The Korean School of New Jersey, we will be following the policy of the New Jersey Department of Education. In addition to our online classes and resources, we will do our best to fill the number of days lost once we can go back to school. This was an unpredictable situation and our teachers are working very hard to continue teaching our students through these times. We ask for your continued support, cooperation, and understanding as we move forward.

School announcements will be posted on the school website ( and class announcements will be posted on each student’s respective Google Classroom. I hope all our students and faculty remain safe and healthy and I hope to see everyone soon again.

Thank you,

Hyunjoo Hwang Kim

Principal of The Korean School of New Jersey  
황 현주 (Hyunjoo H Kim)